Stuff for the English Speakers in Grenoble:

Biblioteque international, International library, 6 Place de Sfax (end of Tram line B)

Babel Association, (Library and language classes, including French (ask for FLE, Français langue étrangère) ), located at 2 rue Sainte Ursule

Grenoble Life (English language web magazine)

Alliance Français Grenoble (French language classes and conversation groups)

Bookworm cafe English language books for sale in a nice little cafe with tea and scones, located at 91 rue Saint Laurent

Open House Grenoble English language organization in Grenoble

ODTI, Organization against discrimination (I think mainly designed for North African imigrants) 7 Place Edmond Arnaud, offers French lessons (mostly during the day) for 10 euros a year.  Contact Ophelie Passemard and get an appointment for an interview.